Skate Street Gold Coast Type R Mini Scooter Pink and White

Type R MINI Complete Scooter- Splatter Pink/White

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Type-R MINI Complete Scooter | Splatter Pink/White

The Root Industries Type R Mini was replicated from Roots popular Type R range; they are constructed with the same high quality parts only a little smaller and are strong enough to handle the same high quality pro riding as the bigger counterparts. 

These mini scooters are perfect for riders from the age of 3 who are ready to step up to their first pro level scooter, these Root mini scooters are created for pro riders making them ideal for the skatepark and safe for kids to ride on ramps and to perform tricks.


- Deck Size: 440mm with nylon front and back inserts

- Bar: Standard Chromoly Steel

- Forged fork

- AIR Headset

- Lithium Double Clamp

- Wheels: 110mm x 24mm 8-Spoke Black PU / Black core

- R2 Grips

- Root “Cut-out R” Griptape

- High-quality Nylon Brake

Scooter Specs

Weight- 3.3kg

Standing Height- 610mm (Height from top of deck to top of bars)

Overall Height- 685mm (Height from Ground to top of bars)

Bar Width- 550mm

Wheel Size- 110mm