Protec Street Gear Junior 3 Pack- Retro Youth Medium - Skate Street

Protec Street Gear Junior 3 Pack- Retro Youth Medium

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Protec street gear junior 3 pack includes Knee Pad, Wrist guards, Elbow pads. 

  • Locked in EVA- The combination of thick and thin padding combined with an ergonomic design "locks in" your knees for optimal fit and maximum protection.
  • Ballistic Nylon- The ultra tough ballistic nylon resists tears and protects your knees from skids and scrapes
  • Hard Cap- Curved hard cap allows greater fit and protection
  • Perforated neoprane- Allows better ventilation keeping you cool and dry.
  • Anatomic splint- Lightweight ergonomic splint allows better fit, comfort and function.

Warranty- Pro-Tec will replace your pads upto 90 days from date of purchase due to faulty material or manufacturing. 

Care- Preserve the longevity of your pads and wash by hand with mild soap and cold water, air dry.