Gold Coast Longboards Unisex Surf Skate Skateboard Wanderlust Edition

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Gold Coast Longboards Skateboards- Wanderlust Edition Surf Skate Longboard

Gold Coast Longboards Surf Skate - Wanderlust Edition

Our Surf Skate empowers you to cut and carve through turns simply like surfing when gathering velocity to course through to the following section of a wave. This stunning surf trainer enables you to reproduce rail to rail surfing with an exceptionally realistic feel. 


The Surf Skate is ideal for roads, walkways, skate parks, bowls and inclines and is perfect for amateurs through to the highly skilled surfer/skater. 




30 X 9.5 inch Canadian maple surfskate deck
6.25 inch Surf Trucks 
65 X 45mm 85a Wheels
Clear grip tape 


Brand:  Gold Coast Longboards