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E-Glide G120 Electric Scooter

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The team at eglide electric scooters have followed up their amazing G60 with a complete scooter overhaul and launched a new model that expands on the rock solid base of the original scooter. Introducing the eGlide G120!

First thing you will notice on the eglide G120 is the 10” tires an upgrade from the 8.5" tires on the G60  This improves the overall ride quality and gives more surface for the scooter to grip the road, hug the turns and tackle rougher terrain exactly what you want from and electric ride. The 10" pneumatic tyres on this eGlide g120 give a smooth and grippy ride while providing more comfort and absorbing shocks.

Next the battery has been expanded to increase the max range from 25km on the e-glide G60, to 45km on the eglide G120. And just like the G60, this new G120 battery can be easily removed from the scooter with ease.


HOT SWAPPABLE PANASONIC BATTERY- When it came to designing the battery for the E-Glide, we saw this as a component that could offer our scooter unprecedented versatility by being different to all the others on the market. And the end result is, well.......Pure genius! First off we teamed up with Panasonic (the same company that Tesla chose to make it's batteries) to produce the lightest, most compact Li-ion battery possible. Our partnership with Panasonic ensures your e-Glide comes fitted with industry-leading batteries, that won’t let you down.Next, we designed the battery to be easily removable so that it could be charged both inside and outside the scooter. With the entire battery only weighing 1.5kg, this means you will have endless flexibility in how you ride and charge your e-Glide.

CLASS-LEADING BRAKING SYSTEM- We know how important it is to be able to trust your brakes, that's why we spent extra time on research and development, perfecting the braking system on the e-glide. The e-Glide features a low-maintenance, cable pull rear disc brake that means you can apply as little or as much stopping power when needed. The large 120mm rotor delivers amazing braking performance, bringing you to a quick yet smooth stop within a couple of feet, even from top speed. The clever thing is, we added a feature, so that every time you pull the brake lever extra power is being sent back to the battery from the regenerative front hub motor.

LARGER 10" TYRES- First thing you will notice is the 8.5" tyres on the G60 have been upgraded to 10" on the G120. This improves the overall ride quality and gives more surface for the scooter to grip the road, hug the turns and tackle rougher terrain. The 10" pneumatic tyres on this scooter give a smooth and grippy ride while providing more comfort and absorbing shocks.

MULTI-SAFE FOLDING SYSTEM- The MULTi-SAFE folding system on the e-Glide employs multiple design technologies to ensure that the scooter is both sturdy and portable. Simply release the locking lever to fold and carry the scooter. A larger, adjustable clamping tooth keeps your handlebars sturdy and ensures they stay that way.

CRUISE-CONTROL- Hold your speed steady for 6 seconds and you will hear a beep. This means that cruise control has been engaged, simply release the throttle and enjoy the ride. Apply the brakes or press once more on the throttle to cancel.

MULTI-THROTTLE- Your ride comfort and stability starts at the 420mm wide bars. Next you are controlling your speed mode, lights and acceleration all with one hand thanks to the ergonomically designed throttle. Then at the centre of it all, the bright i-Sight display shows your current speed, mode selected, battery life and connectivity.

QUIET POWERFUL 350W MOTOR- The quiet 350W motor delivers smooth acceleration and torque. e-Glide's responsive motor performance will have you taking on hills and reaching top speed with ease. With the built in regenerative brake sending power back to the battery, the motor also extends your range.

BE SEEN!- Stay safe and stand out. The e-Glide is equipped with a bright LED headlight and tail/brake light as well as front and rear side reflectors.

DIMENSIONS 1088 X 461 X 1176MM (FOLDED 1088 X 420 X 461MM)