What Type of Skates are Best for Beginners?

The best skates for beginners are good quality and have a good fit. You're never going to have fun skating if your feet hurt the whole time!

It's normal to have some pressure spots on your toes or ankles, and sometimes you might feel a little numb over rough surfaces, but you shouldn't have blisters or cramps. Always get fitted by a professional - our experienced staff at Skate Street will be able to help.

Most people just starting out will spend quite a bit of time falling over. This can put extra wear on your skates. Having a good quality, entry-level pair of skates will mean that these scratches and bumps won't affect your skating experience.

Invest in some good toe covers to prevent wearing through the top of your toebox. 

Are Impala skates good for beginners?

Yes! Impala are a good entry-level skate, perfect for outdoor/cruising as well as roller dancing or roller discos! 

Perfect for beginners for their cheaper price range, Impalas have a sturdy construction, good-quality skate plate, comfortable padded boot and big squishy soft wheels.

They are great for outdoor skating due to the lovely soft wheels, which bounce and squish over the bumps and cracks in bitumen or concrete.