Skateboard Parts

What are the parts of a skateboard?

The main parts of a skateboard are the:
  • Deck
  • Trucks
  • Wheels


The deck is the flat wooden board that the rider stands on. They are often made from durable maple wood.
  • Grip tape feels like sandpaper and provides better grip. It is attached on top of the deck.
  • Eight bolts attach the deck to the truck.


The truck supports the skateboarder's weight and keep the wheels attached to the deck. It's very important in determining how the board rides. 
  • The hanger is the strongest part of the truck and is usually made from steel, aluminium, titanium or magnesium.
  • Bushings sit between the baseplate and hanger of the truck. They cushion the truck while moving.
  • The kingpin is a large bolt inside the truck that holds the hanger to the baseplate. To tighten the trucks, turn the kingpin nut to the right.
  • The axle connects the wheels to the truck and holds them in place with an axle nut.
  • The washers goes on the axle between the bearings. These reduce friction, allowing the wheel to turn faster.


Often made from polyurethane, skateboard wheels come in various sizes depending on the rider's needs. Larger diameters are faster. Smaller diameters are often used for street skating as they require less force for accelerating.

Skateboards require 8 bearings, 2 for each wheel. Bearings reduce friction, allowing a wheel to roll faster and smoother. Bearings use a ratings system called ABEC. Standard bearings are 8mm ABEC 5, whereas faster skateboards like cruisers will have 8mm ABEC 7. ABEC 9 bearings are used for downhill skating or for going extremely fast.

The material the bearings are made from impacts the quality of the ride. Ceramic bearings are better quality than steel bearings, which are more susceptible to dirt and rust. Ceramic bearings also produce little friction, require less maintenance and won't expand due to heat.

Spacers are designed to reduce the weight distributed to the bearings, resulting in smoother turns and longer-lasting bearings. These are optional but are good for riders wanting to do tricks or who skate a lot.

Skateboard parts diagram

Here's a diagram of how everything fits together:
Diagram of Skateboard Parts - Skate Street