Meet the Skate Street Team


Jemanda is Skate Street's fierce boss leader! Founding LR Skates in 2019 and recently rebranding her skate shop to SKATE STREET (much cooler name), Jemanda is not new to business, with creating and selling a very successful business in the past.

Jemanda is passionate about her Skate Shop, loves her kids, business, sports and her new love of roller skates. Jemanda admits she is not the best skater, but between juggling her three children, two businesses (Skate Street & LR Sports), and community sports work, you will find her trying her best to learn how to skate alongside her 12 year old daughter (who we all know is a better skater).


Meg was an inline skater from very early on, cruising the streets of the gold coast back in the 90's.
After a busy work life in the corporate engineering world, she returned home to the coast to start a family and take a sea-change. Going along to a Roller Derby game with some friends, it was love at first sight!
Quickly switching over to quad skates to join in on the action, she followed the path of a referee, training and skating with some of Australia's best. Now an internationally recognised Official, she has travelled the world to skate and participate in some of the world's fiercest roller derby tournaments.
Along the way, using her engineering background to full use, she built her own skates and revelled in the technical challenges of all things skate related. Now an expert in every skate type, skating style, gear repair and equipment advice, she would love to help you find your inner skater and set them free!


You will normally find Taylah at our Little Rookie Sport shop in Brisbane. She is our customer service specialist and loves to spend some time at Skate Street admiring all the pretty skates.