Girls Go Crazy For MadMia Socks

MadMia stocks super creative and fun socks featuring wings, laces, frills, ears, bows and more. Since the company was established in 2014, girls have gone crazy for the bold, bright and colourful socks, which are now sold in Australia, the US, UK, Singapore and Sweden.

The founder of MadMia is Tanja Filipovska, who recently migrated to Australia from Macedonia. She states that MadMia socks are purposefully mismatched, solving an age-old problem for parents.

The company loves to display it's Aussie side with native animal socks like the koala and kangaroo with baby joey.

Madmia Australian animal socks


MadMia also have a popular line of Nickelodeon star Jojo Siwa socks with glitter, unicorns, emojis and real bows. Fans love to wear them when skating, doing gymnastics and when hanging out with friends!

The socks are made of a cotton blend and are available in sizes for toddlers, kids and adults. New designs are brought out regularly. Check out Skate Street's range of MadMia socks and become part of the MadMia squad.