Crazy Skates - High Quality Skates That Are Built To Last

Founded by John Moore in 2004, Crazy Skate Co is an Australian brand known for its innovative skates of exceptional quality, thanks to John's intimate knowledge of the skating industry.

While getting the correct fit is the most important element in a good skate, Crazy Skates use quality components and great fitting design. Built to last, they are excellent for beginners and advanced skaters alike.

    How To Tell The Difference Between High-Quality And Poor-Quality Skates

    Crazy Skates are much higher quality than the cheaper skates you may find in a department store, which will tend to have the following:

    • Plastic bushings or no bushings at all, which gives you no ability to turn your roller skate
    • Skates that use very cheap foam and glues in their boot construction
    • Skates with a cast urethane or plastic wheels
    • Skates with plastic toe stops and heel brakes
    • Skates where no spare parts are available for purchase
    • Skates that list the rating of the bearings as their primary marketing point
    • Skates with non-precision bearings
    • Size adjustable roller-skates that use inline skate boots as roller skate boots
    • Inline skates that have soft, thin or weak ankle cuffs.

    Crazy Skate Hardware and Components

    For the best performance, it is essential to have the correct skate hardware and components. All Crazy Skates models come standard with:

    • Poured Urethane wheels that are non-marking and suitable for multiple surfaces
    • Urethane Bushings (for roller skates) which allow grip, turning and maintaining an edge
    • Full precision bearings with the correctly fitted spacers
    • Natural rubber or poured urethane stoppers and brake pads - non marking, long-wearing and fast-stopping.

    Crazy Skates also have special upgrades for superior and specific skate performance. For example:

    • Higher performance plates with greater rigidity
    • Wheels with different hardnesses and shapes for specific uses
    • Boots with heat moulding technology for competition use
    • Boots made from more luxurious materials for better feel and breathability.

    Check out our range of Crazy Skates in retro colours, glittery glam and disco glitz.