Are Skates or Blades Easier?

We are often asked whether roller skates or rollerblades are easier. 

Rollerblades are easier in a straight line, but most outdoor/casual skating involves weaving in and out of pedestrian traffic, up and over many different kinds of obstacles and surfaces. The speed will depend on the size of the wheels and the quality of the bearings.

Skates can be more comfortable over rougher terrain because with more wheels in contact with the ground, you are less likely to get stuck on things.

The answer also depends on which you learned on originally. Most people are more familiar with inlines, so they seem less scary. But even for someone who learned as a kid, coming back to skating later in life, it only takes a couple weeks to relearn some of the basics.

For someone to change from inlines to quads, it takes a month or two to get used to the difference. Confidence is the key!

For kids, both are a good choice. Kids have a natural sense of balance which means they can pick up skating really quickly. The best way to learn is to give it a go! See Skate Street's range of roller skates and rollerblades and get skating.